Fun at the Beach

This is the second time I've photographed this gorgeous family. Since the first time they've added a new daughter (by marriage), and she fits in so nicely. They are so full of smiles and happiness it's contagious.

Malibu Dreams

Family love at it's finest right here.

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8 Years

Last year at this time I was celebrating my 7 year anniversary of being in business.  I asked my clients to choose their favorite image from a sessions with me, and tell me why. I was blown away by the response I got. The letters were touching and powerful (see them here). It once again reaffirmed my belief that our loved ones, the people we share our lives with, are what is most important to us. We want to have their photographs on our walls. We want to see those relationships frozen in time to have forever. We never know how long we'll have with them, or how much they will change in the next year or the next decade. Photographs are the only way to hold on to those moments outside of our memories.

The images below are from the session that I did with the family that was chosen last year. I had a great time with them at the beach, on the windiest day of the year. As you can see, they know how to have fun together.

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Waiting for Baby - Westlake Village Photographer

His small little hands wrapped around theirs as we walked along the beach that afternoon. Every time he smiled up at them their faces lit up magically. I didn't have to do anything but be there to capture the moment. He has them completely wrapped around his finger.

I know their new little baby will too. It's such a magical time waiting for a new baby to come to the family. You just can't wait to see their little face, and get to know their personality. You love them immediately just because they are a part of your family you are growing together.

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Baby Hansen

There are so many ways to announce big life changes these days. Thanks to Pinterest and the internet in general we are all getting more and more creative. I had so much fun photographing this gender reveal. It's so fun to see how happy they are. Happiness is my favorite thing to photograph ever.

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I cannot imagine what it will be like when my oldest heads off to college. Our family will change so much. It will be so strange for me to think she's far away and I won't know what she ate for dinner or what she's wearing, or even buy her groceries. This family was just about to experience their oldest headed off to Stanford. It's all so exciting, but also life changing. This is a great time to have your family portraits done. They are all so sweet, and so full of light.

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Taylor Fanto

I was honored to photograph Taylor Fanto for her newest single. Have you heard it? If not you really should look her up on iTunes and Spotify. Her new song is "Beautiful Tonight." Not only is her voice simply gorgeous, especially considering she's only 15, but she also writes her own songs. I'm so excited to see exciting things happen for her.

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One Big Happy Family | Large Family Portraits in Ventura County

Family is everything. They are what keeps us going to work everyday, waking up for 2:00 am feedings, staying up late to help with homework assignments, or cleaning up after your child with the stomach flu. We are constantly making sacrifices for our families, and for the most part, we do it willingly and happily. Just being with them makes it all worthwhile.

One of the favorite parts of my day is when I pick up my kindergartner from school. The moment he sees me his face lights up and he runs to me with arms wide up. It just doesn't get better than that! It makes me want to do his laundry, fix his meals, and do all of the "work" that goes along with being a mother.

Jeannie is one of those moms who cannot get enough of her family. She just finished chemo, and wanted to celebrate with images of her family together on the beach. It was such a magical night where all the stars aligned and these images not only fill her with joy, but me as well, even though I only met them that day. 

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One Year Old Times Two | Thousand Oaks Children's Photographer

There are lots of twins in my family. My uncles are twins, and two of my cousins have twins, one of them even has 2 sets. Each time I was expecting I wondered what it would be like to have twins. One is hard enough, but two at the same time? That sounds daunting. 

This dad is a single parent to the most adorable one year olds. He is so sweet with them, and as you can see they are incredibly happy. So, not only does he have twins, but he's doing it all by himself (with a little help from Grandma when they are in town). We had a great morning together. What a joy they are.

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50 years together

50 years. That's how many years Linda and David have been married. I absolutely love sessions like this, and I've been blessed with many these past two years. I wouldn't mind doing them every week.  I think we can all learn a thing or two (and much more) from couples who have been married, and are still happy for this many years.

Linda and David love to travel. I loved hearing stories of their travels to places all over the world. I'm not sure what I would have done if I was sleeping in a tent in Africa, and heard a lion roar right outside the tent flaps. They can tell you what they did. Then there were the stories of hot air balloon rides, safaris, and beautiful tropical beaches. I have to admit I'm a little jealous. Now I know what I want to do in retirement.

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