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Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Choose Julie Campbell Photography?

Because you want me to capture the connection you have with your family. I guarantee my work because I want you to come back over and over again.

I am fully licensed, insured, pay business and sales taxes, and have multiple memberships in photography associations, such as the Professional Photographer's Association and the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. Take a look at the CONTACT page to see some of the awards I've won.

I continue to educate myself and stay up to date. If you do choose another photographer, especially with a newborn, make sure they are committed to safety, and have been properly educated.

I have all my immunizations up to date, which is important when working with children, especially newborns. I believe the safety and health of your child is more important than anything.

Where will our session be? 

The location of your session depends on what is being photographed. Is it a FAMILY or SENIOR session? Choose a location that is meaningful to you. Does your family love to cook together? Why not have the session right in your kitchen? Do you love to ride bikes at the local park? Let's go there and use the bikes in some images, and some without. Do you go to the beach every weekend? Then the beach is the perfect spot for your session. If you're a senior make it totally custom to you. We can go to the place where you played all of your high school sports, or where your concerts or plays were. You might want to even consider 2 locations.

Sometimes you just can't think of anything that is special to your family, and that's OK. I have lots of suggestions for you.

Thousand Oaks newborn photographer
Best Ventura county newborn photographer

Do you have a studio?

Yes! My studio space is located at 893 Patriot Drive Unit B in Moorpark. It is located behind the popular Target shopping center located conveniently off of the 23 freeway.

While I do have a studio space, I prefer to do my sessions outdoors. I love the look of natural light, and although I have studio lighting, I still prefer the flattering look of natural light. I find that children are much happier outdoors where they can explore, run, and play

I use the studio primarily for newborn sessions and ordering sessions.

What are your sessions like?

I have a very strict no fake smiles policy for my sessions. We move around a lot through exploration and play. I am constantly searching for the best lighting, and gently guiding everyone to those spots. We play simple games to get everyone comfortable and smiling. I ask parents to PLEASE don't reprimand your children for not smiling. That's the surest way of getting them to be very unhappy. Instead sing their favorite song, tell a joke, tickle, twirl, run, or do whatever they LOVE to do.

Of course I pay attention to things that would bother you in your final images, like smeared make-up, crazy hair, missing buttons, etc, but I don't want that to be the focus. It's my job to make you look good. I know you're not going to purchase images where you don't look your best. Your job is to focus on having fun with your family. I want you to play and snuggle, and joke around. I promise, if you do that you will absolutely fall in love with your images.

What should we wear?

This is arguably the hardest part about getting family pictures. I am here to help you!  When you book the session I will send you a welcome kit. This includes a section on what to wear, and also what not to wear. I even include the name and phone number of a fabulous personal stylist who will personally help you pick out amazing outfits. She will even help you choose from what you already have. 

Pinterest is an awesome resource for this.  Check out my pins HERE for ideas on how to prepare, and what to wear.

You may also want to consider getting your hair and make up done. You'll feel amazing, more confident, and you can go out afterwards and enjoy a night out looking your best.



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