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The latest from Julie Campbell Photography

Mr. C

I was fortunate enough to photograph his big sister a couple of years ago, and now here he is, and he's so perfect. When his mother saw these images for the first time she just kept saying, "He's so cute!!" 

I really love the wide awake babies more and more. They are harder to photograph, but their sweet little faces and vibrant eyes captivate me. I just can't help wondering what they are thinking about. What is happening in their little newborn brains? They are so pure and so open to loving and being loved. You'll even see Mr. C. giving his dad a huge wide awake smile if you scroll down. Its' magical! Bring me all of the babies.

Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer
Best Ventura County Newborn Photographer
best Westlake village newborn photographer
Moorpark newborn photographer

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Baby T

They joke about the serious expression he always has on his face, and his need to have his hands by his face at all times. They call him their happy wiggly newborn. It's obvious they are thrilled he has arrived, and enjoying everything about him. Their dog is already protective, and perched himself on the couch looking over me the whole time I was photographing him. Welcome to the world Baby T! You are already loved beyond words. 

Thousand Oaks newborn photographer
Moorpark Newborn Photographer
Westlake Village Newborn Photographer
Best Ventura County Newborn Photographer

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See the latest on Instagram: @juliegcampbell