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Natural Beauty

If I were to describe my newborn photography style I would say natural beauty. Newborns are so unique. They are sleepy and curled up for a very short period of time. Even though they are all very similar, you can see their personalities coming through right from the beginning. This handsome little guy was over 3 weeks old (considered too old for newborn photos by many photographers), but he was one of my easiest babies to photograph ever.

I have found that if you make the babies as comfortable as possible they will be happy and be themselves. You don't need to pose them in crazy unnatural poses to be cute. 

Best Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer

I love his little hints of a smile, and his button nose and back wrinkles (why aren't those cute in adults?). 

Best Westlake Village Photographer

Why do I take close up pictures of hands and feet? Because you will love to see them in 1-100 years from now. They are precious beyond words. 

Westlake Village Newborn Photographer Great

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We're all together - Now what do we wear?

Your children grow up, get married, and move far away. No matter how much you wish they could all live on the same street as you it's just not practical. Thank goodness for texting, phone calls, Skype, FaceTime, and summers. Summers are the best time for schedules to relax, and we can make the time to gather together in one spot.

If you're thinking of booking an extended family photo session the thought of planning outfits can be daunting. Here are a few simple tips to make it easier. 

1. Pick 2-3 colors you love. Don't forget you'll probably be hanging these photos up in your home, so choose colors that go with your home decor. Once you've chosen those colors you'll want to mix and match them throughout the whole family. This family chose pinks and blues. It's OK to not have them all exactly the same shade of blue or pink.

If you have a particularly large group you might want to consider neutral colors like black, white and grey. Most people have those colors already in their wardrobe and it will be easier to coordinate. 

southern california Beach family photographer

2. You can add interest with patterns. Depending on the size of your family you can get away with a few patterns that go along with the colors you have chosen. Another great way to add interest and variety is to layer your clothing. Think about adding hats, decorative scarves, jackets, sweaters, chunky necklaces, and bracelets to your outfits. 

3. Whatever you do please do not ever wear shirts or pants with large logos or wording on them. They will not be easy to read in camera and will look messy and distracting. Also avoid shirts with cartoon characters or other faces. Your eyes will go straight to that shirt in a photo instead of the person wearing the shirt. Movie and TV character sneakers are also distracting. Choose shoes that are more neutral.

Westlake Village Family Photographer

4. Be comfortable in what you wear. Don't wear anything too tight or uncomfortable that you can't move around and snuggle your family in. If you're comfortable you'll look comfortable on camera. If you choose a style of dress you don't usually wear it will feel strange and you might regret it. If your children are used to being in casual play clothes, don't dress them up too much. They will feel uncomfortable and may act out. It's OK to dress them up, but make sure they can move around.

5. Don't stress too  much about it! While deciding what to wear is important it's not the most important thing about your photo session. Those faces you love are what's important. If you worry too much about the little details it will make the experience unpleasant. Do what you can do and then let it go. If your daughter in law didn't cooperate and shows up in neon orange just let it be. She'll regret it, but you'll still look great.

Family Photographer in Westlake Village
Westlake village photographer thousand oaks

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A little bit of crazy, and a whole bunch of Love.

Sweet Brooke and her family only lived locally for a short time. I got to know her a little bit and immediately recognized that she had a heart of gold. I love how devoted she is to her family. Those little kids and her husband have 100% of her attention and love. 

Our session before she moved away again was a little bit crazy. The kids were full to the brim with energy and excitement. They are not ones to sit still and pose, which is fine with me. Sweet little J stole my hear when she wanted to hold my hand the whole time (which can make taking pictures very difficult). There is nothing sweeter to me than a family playing together and happy. 

Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer

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