Five Years Old

The day he was born was one of the best days of my life. Of course I was thrilled to see his face for the first time, and finally, finally be able to hold  my little baby. It had been a long and difficult pregnancy for me. My other 3 pregnancies were so much easier. For those pregnancies I went on with my daily life like normal. I didn't understand why so many women complained about about it. Sure, it was uncomfortable getting larger every day, but it was manageable. For this, my fourth and final pregnancy I understood it all. Everything became so much harder. My body felt bad all of the time. I would look at the calendar and think September would never ever come.  My husband tried to cheer me up once by saying, "Only 6 more weeks!" I nearly bit his head off telling him HE wouldn't be so happy if I told him he would be miserable and feel worse than ever for SIX whole weeks would he?

All that misery was worth it and more. Our little Noah is the light of our family. We can't get enough of the cute things he says and does. He's a very affectionate and loving child, but also has a never ending supply of energy. He can make the biggest messes known to man, and throw the longest temper tantrums imaginable. We tell ourselves he won't bend to peer pressure because he's so strong willed. You'll notice he's wearing an Iron Man shirt. He loves Iron Man. I'm still not sure why, but his obsession with him is now in its second year and going strong. He will discuss the Avengers with you, and let you know which ones are the best and why. He keeps me young. While my other children would never dare to hold my hand in public anymore or call me mommy, he still does, if only for just a little while longer. He makes me grateful each day I can wake up to see his happy face again.