At the Beach at Sunset

When I was planning this session with Kristina she had a clear vision of what she wanted. Sometimes plans just don't come together like we wish they would. I rented a cute little boat for them to sit in at the beach, but because of transportation issues it didn't make it to the beach that day. We were disappointed at the time, but now I look at these images and just love how it turned out. It is their family, right now, little girls, parents doing a lot of chasing and a lot of snuggling.  Kristina wrote this to me, and it's makes me so happy every time I read it, "You know you have done a good job as a photographer when your client cries. The sweetness of my girls takes my breath away!!!!  I was truly thinking we would be lucky to get one good pic given R and E were being shy and temperamental but you captured some of my all time favorite images of them.  I will treasure these always!!"

I don't include this to toot my own horn. I was just there with my camera to capture them being themselves. They made it meaningful and beautiful to her. It wasn't always smooth, but I think they are beautiful. Every one of them. Don't worry about having the perfect location, the perfect props or perfection. You are perfect just as you are.