On the Ranch | Newborn Photographer in Ventura County

Vanessa and Charles first noticed each other at a horse show. They later realized they were at many of the same events and didn't even know it. Horses are a big part of their lives even now. They have a ranch in Hawaii, and one in Southern California. They spend half of the year in each location. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't complain about spending half of my year riding horses in Hawaii.

Just like all first time parents Vanessa and Charles are overjoyed to have their little angel finally here. Their big smiles, and gushing praise for her couldn't help but make me smile. Charles often referred to her as Daddy's Princess.

In planning their session they wanted to bring a little bit of their home life into the studio, so they brought one of their new saddles with their logo proudly showing to be featured with their new baby girl. I have a feeling she will be riding on this, or other saddles like it throughout her whole life.

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