One Big Happy Family | Large Family Portraits in Ventura County

Family is everything. They are what keeps us going to work everyday, waking up for 2:00 am feedings, staying up late to help with homework assignments, or cleaning up after your child with the stomach flu. We are constantly making sacrifices for our families, and for the most part, we do it willingly and happily. Just being with them makes it all worthwhile.

One of the favorite parts of my day is when I pick up my kindergartner from school. The moment he sees me his face lights up and he runs to me with arms wide up. It just doesn't get better than that! It makes me want to do his laundry, fix his meals, and do all of the "work" that goes along with being a mother.

Jeannie is one of those moms who cannot get enough of her family. She just finished chemo, and wanted to celebrate with images of her family together on the beach. It was such a magical night where all the stars aligned and these images not only fill her with joy, but me as well, even though I only met them that day. 

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