The H Family

I feel like I'm in a strange place in my life. I've been the mom of babies and little ones for so long it feels so odd to have bigger kids now, even a teenager. I'm not completely out of the little kid phase though. I still have my pre-K son to keep me young. I see now why the youngest are usually so different from the oldest in a family. They have a completely different childhood, and that's not necessarily bad, just different.

So while I still know all about how huge Frozen is with the toddler set, I am starting to understand the life of a teen in 2015. It's not easy. It's not easy being a parent of those teens either. This family was a breath of fresh air. They seem to have it all together just the way you should. The kids were lots of fun, and I loved the great relationship they had with each other, and their parents.  It's what I want for my family too.