Family | Westlake Village Photographer

Everyone has a story, a reason why they want their portraits taken. This one is so unique and different from any of the ones I've done before. Mari Ann is a sweetheart who spends her life taking care of dogs. She works at a groomers in Moorpark, and travels all over checking in on people's animals while their owners are gone. I've never known anyone who loves animals more. They are her life, and she knows A LOT about them. If you ever need anyone to take care of your animals you won't do any better than asking her.

Taking care of animals is where this all started for me. I hired her to watch our dog while we went on vacation during Spring Break. While we were driving home she called me and told me how heartbroken she was. The family who she has known and loved for about 18 years is moving away. This is a woman who has no other family. She is all alone, except her own little dog, and her friends. She really wanted to have her picture with these children who she took care of all throughout their growing years.  She was in tears telling me how wonderful they are, and how she can't imagine her life without them.

She was so excited about the session she called me multiple times afterwards thanking me. Once she saw the pictures she was so happy to have them she thanked me over and over again more times than I can count. This is the reason I started doing this, and what brings me more happiness than you'll ever know.