Completely Devoted

Charles and Amy love their little girls. Of course they love them, but I can tell they are not the type of parents who sit on their phones, or can't wait to get a babysitter for their children. They are fully present and delighted to be with their girls.  They carefully plan their photo sessions each year, booking ahead of time to make sure they get their preferred date, and a good time of day. They gather the most beautiful dresses for their girls, and bring little things to incorporate in the session - like their favorite boots, or last year, the chair that was passed down for generations.

I love to see how much they want their girls to be themselves, and let their personalities shine. One of the girls is a little more careful and reserved, and the other one is energetic and moving all of the time. They know their daughters well, and capitalize on their strengths. When one of the girls wants to gather acorns for her collection her mom finds a safe place to store them. When one needs a few minutes to herself she is given that time.

Charles and Amy are teaching their little girls constantly. They point out trees or bugs or squirrels that scurry by us. They sing favorite songs with them, tell stories, and answer all of their questions.  It makes me think I need to be more aware of things when I'm out with my own son who is only a month younger than their oldest. I need to be talking to him about these things. I need to spend more time playing with him. They grow up much too fast.