In the City

Sometimes is nice to do something different. It's nice to get away from what's familiar and feels safe, and move on. This session was that for me. While I don't think Los Angeles is the most beautiful city there is, it does have a lot to do. Everything is so spread out you have the high rises of the big city here and there, and then sprawling suburbs everywhere around them. This location was smack in the middle of the historical buildings and newer developments. There were a fair number of homeless sleeping nearby, and even one who asked me if I was married or not. My husband happened to be there, and assured him I was. That doesn't happen anywhere else.

This family of 5 traveled a long way to be there. They were so great to be up for a little adventure. The kids were ready to move after sitting in the car for so long, and we did. Their mom did such a great job describing her kids to me before the session. I loved to get to put a face to her descriptive introductions online. She is the kind of mom who really knows what makes her kids the happiest they can be, and what to avoid. She is completely devoted to who they are, and I love that. These kids will never want for anything. They are all blessed to have each other.