Celebrating Mom!

A couple of weeks ago I put out the call for you to nominate a mother you felt is deserving of a complimentary portrait session. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to email me. I have really enjoyed reading your heartfelt words about the moms you know and love.

It was difficult to choose from the entries, so I decided to put the names in a basket and choose at random. Elizabeth's name was chosen. Below is a portion of her letter:

westlake Village photographer

"Erin and I have been friends since middle school. In all the time I've known her, I can't point to one moment that she's been selfish. She is the best friend, daughter, sister, wife, and most importantly, mother anyone could ask for. She's the oldest of four and despite only being a few years older than her siblings, she's been their second mother - been there for each of them throughout their lives, and continues to today. She treats everyone she meets like family and would do anything for the people in her life.

She and her husband have two adorable kids, and while they've recently hit a groove, things haven't always been easy. Erin was laid off from her job of 18 years a few years ago when she was nine months pregnant with her youngest. Like anything she approaches, Erin kept her head down and they managed to get through. Few knew how tough it really was for them because Erin always put others first and with a smile on her face. That's who she is.

In December, Erin's mother in law unexpectedly passed away. Despite it being very hard on her, she pushed her mourning aside to take care of her husband, his family and the kids. She truly is the glue that keeps her and so many families together."

Thank you again for sending in your letters. I will be keeping them on file for future reference. Hopefully I will have the honor of photographing these deserving mothers someday in the future.

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