The Center of Our Lives - Family

My job might seem frivolous, or unnecessary in a busy world of so much to do. Getting your family portraits is so easy to put off. There are a million things you need to take care of all the time, and it just seems like a hassle. I get it! Life is crazy. Life is hard. Managing kids, a job, school, your home, and everything else is exhausting! At the end of the day what makes you the most happy? I venture to guess most of you will say your family.

Why do you work? - to provide for your family. Why do you sign your kids up for all those activities? - because you love your family, and you want them to be happy. Why do you go nuts keeping your home clean and organized and beautiful? - for your family. They are the center of our lives and the reason for everything we do. Their faces make you the happiest. Those kids will grow up, their voices will deepen, their speech will mature, and you'll wish you had held on just a little bit longer. I promise it's worth it to get those family portraits. Even if you don't hire me, ask someone to take pictures of your family. You'll never regret the pictures you have, but you will certainly regret what you missed.

I have a spot open for mini session THIS Saturday at 4:30. Let me know if you want to snag it.

Thousand Oaks Family Photographer
Camarillo Family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake Village Photographer
Newbury Park Family Photographer

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