Natural Beauty

If I were to describe my newborn photography style I would say natural beauty. Newborns are so unique. They are sleepy and curled up for a very short period of time. Even though they are all very similar, you can see their personalities coming through right from the beginning. This handsome little guy was over 3 weeks old (considered too old for newborn photos by many photographers), but he was one of my easiest babies to photograph ever.

I have found that if you make the babies as comfortable as possible they will be happy and be themselves. You don't need to pose them in crazy unnatural poses to be cute. 

Best Thousand Oaks Newborn Photographer

I love his little hints of a smile, and his button nose and back wrinkles (why aren't those cute in adults?). 

Best Westlake Village Photographer

Why do I take close up pictures of hands and feet? Because you will love to see them in 1-100 years from now. They are precious beyond words. 

Westlake Village Newborn Photographer Great

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