What Matters Most

I love landscape photography, especially the unexpected views you don't see in your normal day to day life. Starry skies, sweeping planes, huge mountaintops, and even angry stormy skies fascinate me. Sometimes I wish I could live on the road going from one amazing place to the next photographing what I see. And yet, I always come back to the feeling that people matter more. This is why I do what I do. I want to freeze time right now because none of us will ever be this young again. Your daughter or son will one day move out and change, and this photograph, and your memory will be all you have to hold on to.

I love watching how families interact with each other. The small, seemingly insignificant ways they show affection or bond with each other make my heart happy. When I'm sitting in church I watch the families around me. I notice things like - dads with their boys on their laps doodling on a notepad together, girls resting their heads on their mom's shoulders, and husbands who put their arms around their wives and pull them in closer. Regular families loving each other everyday, despite all the challenges they face is simply beautiful. My goal is to capture that and show it to you.  No family is perfect, not even close to perfect, but they are all beautiful. For that reason I think the straightforward portraits of families together will be more and more valuable as time goes by. The mountains are beautiful, but I know you would rather see the faces of those people you love the most more.

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