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Welcome Home

If you’ve never been to a military homecoming you are missing out. It’s an event of immeasurable joy. Along with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen you’ll also see tears and lots and lots of hugging. This adorable family asked me to photograph their reunion with their husband and father. It was such an honor.

point mugu navy base
Military Homecoming | Point Mugu
Military Homecoming | Ventura County California
Military Homecoming in Point Mugu, California
Point Mugu Naval Base Military Homecoming

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Welcome Home

There are very few things in life happier than a military homecoming. I'm always honored when I'm asked to photograph one. This one was no exception. These families said goodbye to their loved ones last November. Their arrival kept getting postponed, but finally it was time for them to come home this last Tuesday. What a joyful moment it was to see them finally arrive and all of the family members make a run for it, even in heals and beautiful dresses. 

The slideshow shows the whole story. It made me tear up, and I had been looking at these images for hours. There's just no way to fake the raw emotion their reunion. Thank you Grace for asking me to photograph your special moment.

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