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Class of 2018

Senior year is quickly coming to a close. Very soon he'll be a graduate and be off on his own in college. I've known him for 12 years. I've seen him grow up from the cutest little boy ever to this handsome guy. He's multi talented, but my favorite thing about him is that he is the kind of kid that makes everyone around him feel included and important. That is a skill that is rare in high school kids, or people in general. 

I know he'll go on to be a leader, find success in whatever he strives for,  and an all around great person. I'm excited to see it happen. Congratulations Connor!

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In the Trenches

Being a parent is HARD. Children never ever ever stop needing your attention, love, help, guidance, money, and everything that you are. Of course it's not their fault. It's just the way they are. Parenting humbles you. It stretches you farther than you knew you could go, and yet it's just the small things that bring you big rewards. That first smile, the big hug or kiss on the cheek, or that tiny voice that says, "I love you." That can make it all worthwhile.

There are lots of boring, and mundane days as a parent. You pick up the toys for the thousandth time, and change the never-ending laundry cycles. Then, there are the days you wish life was boring. Those are the days that the temper tantrums never end, and the messes are gargantuan.  All your energy is sapped and you wish for just a boring day picking up toys.

Believe it or not these images are from one of those horrible days for this family. The session starts out rocky - the most rocky I've ever experienced. I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to get the family photos we needed. I know mom was extremely nervous. I love this session even more because you can't tell it started out with tears and anger because all you see is smiles and joy.

This just makes me believe even more in not having time limits for my regular sessions. Sometimes you just need time to adjust, time to relax, and time to figure out what will make everyone happy. This also reminds me that when your life seems too hard or too out of control you just need to be patient. It WILL get better. There will be smiles and happiness again.

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