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2016 Favorites

Moms out there are so busy every day taking care of their kids, going to work, cleaning up, doing laundry, playing, organizing, entertaining, and planning. It's a largely thankless job, except for those brief hugs and snuggles that keep you going. It's exhausting and grueling. There's nothing else like it. Dads are in the same boat. The dads who aren't staying home with the kids come home from a long day at work and jump right in. Gone are the days of them sitting and reading the paper after work while mom does everything. I love how involved and hands on dads are now. How lucky the kids are to be close to both parents.

When families book a session with me I am always honored. I know how much work it takes to schedule a time when you can all be together, dressed in your finest, with big happy smiles. It is always worth it though! These images will be with you forever. Moms, I promise you that in 5-10 years you'll look back and see yourself and think, "I look so young!" You'll wish you appreciated how great you looked, and how much energy you had (even though it doesn't feel like it now). I know this from experience. Trust me, it will happen.

2016 brought me a whole host of beautiful babies, children, teens, and families for me to photograph. Clients, I love you and appreciate you more than I can ever express. You help me fulfill my dreams. you bring me joy through my camera, and in the countless hours I spend at my computer looking at you. I hope this isn't the last time I see you. Come back in 2017. I can't wait to see you again.

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I think it is so common for us to get excited about taking pictures of our families when our children are young and changing so quickly. Then something happens. They get older and aren't home much, and lets be honest, parents are tired.

This family was getting ready to see their oldest daughter graduate from high school and move away. They decided to combine a family session with her senior portraits. It was such a beautiful night at the beach. They are beautiful, and I know they will forever have these images of them as they were right before everything changed.

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