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Great to be Eight

When I look at her face I see my sister. That only makes sense because my sister is her mother, and only 18 months younger than I am. We were together throughout our entire childhoods. We shared a room, wore matching clothes, had the same hair cuts, got the same perms, got matching toys, matching dolls, even matching stuffed animals. Now as adults we only live about a mile apart. Our kids are great friends, and I love it!

This girl has a lot of the same qualities that my sister has. She's very determined, kind, loyal, and fiercely competitive. If she's running a race she's going to be faster than anyone. If she's doing her homework, it's going to be the neatest handwriting, and there will be no mistakes. When she's playing soccer, she's going to get that ball if nobody else is, and she will get it in the goal no matter who gets in her way. If she sees a friend being mistreated she will put a stop to that immediately. She protects anyone she loves. It is so much fun to see her do just about anything. I literally cannot wait to see what she does with her life.

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