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Six Months Old

Six months, you’ve made it six whole months with that tiny baby, who really isn’t so tiny anymore. It’s a great milestone. Hopefully he’s sleeping through the night, or almost sleeping through the night so you don’t feel like you’re dead on your feet everyday. You probably have a routine you follow, and it is saving your life.

You’re even more enamored with your little guy than you were when he was born. I mean, look at that smile! There was nothing else cuter in the world.

Six months old is a great time for a photo session because your baby is starting to sit up, smiles easily, and yet he or she hasn’t learned to crawl away from you yet. It’s the calm before the storm, and I love it. This little guy has such a great head of hair, and the biggest smile. I love seeing him grow up! I’m sure you can tell his parents are smitten.

family photographer Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks family Photographer
Westlake Village Family Photographer
Camarillo Family Photographer

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Families Galore

Here are some family sessions all the way back from last Fall. It makes me so happy to see all their smiling faces. I hope it makes you happy as well. 

Thousand Oaks Family Photographer
Westlake village family photographer
Moorpark Family Photographer
Simi Valley family photographer
Ventura family photographer
Camarillo Family Photographer

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