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Many evenings of my life are spent meeting families for family photographs outdoors. I am addicted to magical light, and seeing my clients love each other through my lens. My dream is to create images that families will cherish forever and ever. I want them to look back on their family photos and see pure love. I want their thoughts and memories to go right back to that time in their lives, and to remember all the good stuff.

Families are the most important thing in our lives, no matter what stage of life you’re in, and no matter who you call your family. The Maddie Dawson quote I have on the landing page of my website is there for a reason. "Love really is the big deal everyone  makes it out to be,... It's EVERYTHING, love is. It runs the whole universe."

I hope you enjoy looking at these families who love each other wholeheartedly. I sure love them.

Ventura count family photographer
family photographer Ventura County
Ventura County Family Photographer
Thousand Oaks family photographer
Thousand Oaks family photographer
Simi Valley photographer
Simi Valley family Photographer
family photographer Thousand Oaks
family photographer in Moorpark, California

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Oozing Love

If it is at all possible to ooze love through your pores these parents would be the ones to do it. They are so full of love for their little newborn angel it was contagious. I love meeting new clients and hearing their stories. I love seeing how much they love each other. It makes me love my family even more. It makes me happy to be alive, and restores my faith in humanity.

newborn photographer Thousand Oaks
camarillo newborn photographer
Simi Valley newborn photographer
Ventura County newborn photographer

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The latest on Instagram: @juliegcampbell