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Senior Portraits

Senior year - the most exciting, stressful, fun, difficult, and long years of your life. A big chapter of your life is ending, and a new chapter is beginning. Senior year starts with all the anticipation of figuring out where you’ll go next year. The waiting and hoping for college acceptance letters can be agonizing. Last year we did that with my daughter. She struggled with not knowing where she would be going in a few months. Then there was the decision of where she should go. She had two options, and it took her a very very long time to decide.

Senior portraits shouldn’t be stressful. They should be the fun part of your year. It’s a time to show who you are right now in your life. Choose your location, bring 2-3 of your favorite outfits. I encourage you to think outside the box. Don’t just do what everyone does. Think of a location that means a lot to you, or an outfit that has special meaning. Wear the uniform you wear for your sport, or include your favorite animal (as you’ll see below). Don’t be afraid to make it all about you. This is the time in your life when you get to do that! Enjoy it. Give me a call. We can plan together, and as you’ll see below, you can bring your whole family.

Senior photographer thousand oaks
Westlake Village Senior Photographer - Beach
Senior pictures at the beach
Senior portraits Camarillo
Newbury park senior photographer
Thousand Oaks senior photographer
Westlake village senior photographer
Westlake village senior photographer
Moorpark Senior Photographer

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Taylor Fanto

Taylor Fanto has a new album out. Her voice is so unique, and so beautiful. She's been hard at work writing songs and creating. Go check out her album on iTunes!

We had a great time photographing her new album cover.  It's hard to go wrong with Taylor.

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