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6 Ways to Look Fabulous in Every Photo

Whether you’re in front of a professional photographer or your 6 year old with an iPhone you do everything you can to look your best for that photo. Here are my favorite tips for looking great and loving yourself in all of your photos.


    • Look for open spaces with lots of light. Great lighting will smooth out the wrinkles, and make you look younger.

    • Avoid busy backgrounds. YOU are the focus of the photograph.

    • I will take care of this for you at my photo sessions.


    • Drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated. This will reduce bloating and make your skin glow.

    • Stay away from alcohol to avoid puffiness

    • Get lots and lots of beauty sleep.


    • Good posture always looks best. Elongate your body and keep your back straight.

    • Move your chin out and down. Practice this in the mirror beforehand. It really works!

    • Keep your hands busy, but visible. Tuck them in a pocket or on your waist.

    • Keep a gap between your waist and your arms to make you look slimmer.

    • Turn your body about 45 degrees, and angle your face and eyes forward while pushing your hips back.

    • Avoid any stiffness. Shake out your arms and shoulders.


    • Wear clothes that you feel great in. Don’t wear anything you have to constantly adjust. If you can’t move around easily wearing it, choose something else.

    • Test out your outfits ahead of time. Look at yourself in all angles to make sure you like what you see.


    • Getting your hair and make up done by a professional always makes you feel so much more confident and beautiful. It’s a great way to treat yourself.

    • If you do your own makeup make the colors a little bit bolder than you normally would.

    • Blow-outs are the best option for your hair to look great even when you’re moving around a lot.

    • Get your nails done to match your outfit.


    • If you forget everything mentioned above, this is the most important part of family photos. You are getting a family photo because you love your people more than anything. Focus on that, and love on them. Hug, kiss, snuggle, and get close to your partner and children. Make them the focus, and your insecurities will melt away.

    • Be sure to have a talk with your partner ahead of time. Talk to him about your need to have family photos, and ask him to focus on loving you through the photo shoot.

    • If your kids are acting up or not smiling perfectly, PLEASE DO NOT yell at them. This only makes for a cranky child, and even more cranky parents. Try to diffuse the situation by redirecting the child’s attention, making them laugh, or singing a song.

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