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Twelve Years Old

This girl is just excited about life. She's happy to go anywhere, meet anyone, and just smile. She She still snuggles close to me when we have the chance, and loves to talk my ear off. She has such enthusiasm for life! I admire that so much.

She turned 12 recently. Her teen years are fast approaching - too fast. I'm not ready to let go of my little girl. I used to think all those moms who whined and complained about their kids growing up too fast were lying, but it really is hard to let go. It's hard to move on to a new stage when you're perfectly happy where you are. No matter how old she is, I love watching her grow. I love all of her, and I'm so happy to be her mom.

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And the and winner is....

Every year I try to give back a little by photographing a deserving family that has been nominated by a previous client. The images in this post are from my 2016 session.

A few weeks ago I asked people if they knew someone who could use a break, or something to brighten their day. Your responses were overwhelming. THANK YOU to everyone who responded. It speaks to your kind hearts that so many of you took the time to do it. Here are a few snippets of the entries:

"He is hard working - works 7 days a week. After working an 8 hour shift he comes home and works another 2-4 hours. Alex and his girlfriend deserve to have beautiful pictures..." 

"She is always the first person to make sure everyone else is taken care of. I just can't say enough about how wonderful she is."

"Baby A has been a true blessing to our family. He is a true fighter as he has undergone 3 surgeries. (He) is now 14 months old and a healthy handsome boy. His parents had a very difficult first year and I think a photo session with their little warrior baby would be great for them as they can treasure it forever."

This mother of 4 beautiful children was burned by her husband and has suffered a great deal.

"Wendy is an amazing mom to 3 kids, one of which has special needs. She works so hard (along with her husband) to make sure they have what they need and is a sweet and caring person."

"She is a survivor of Domestic Violence and is raising her 2 children as a single parent. One of her children has autism among other disabilities and she has had to learn very fast what it means to be a mom and put your wants and needs on hold while raising your children. She now has a part time job and is on her own and is raising those kids on her own. She has a very low income so having family portraits is not in her budget but I know she would love to have them!"

"She is chronically and terminally ill with an invisible illness. Next month is her "6 yr anniversary" and she keeps going, but it isn't the same as life going on and friends and family moving forward. I would like to give her sweet 16 pictures, give her something that many families & girls have, let her FEEL beautiful and special and most of all... not forgotten. "

"She is forever doing for others usually behind the scenes never thinks of herself .. she is a relentless force for good in our community."

"He is my kids (4kids under6) best friend. this man does a ton of volunteer around Moorpark and is truly my sanity when i lose my mind being mom. A picture of him with his great grandkids would be amazing!"

"She's a hardworking single mother of 2 and she recently lost her car in this weekends storm...."

"He was hit head on by an out of control driver that crossed lanes on the old 118, nearly killing him and keeping him in the ICU for 33 days. He is still recovering 10 months later with another surgery needed to be able to properly walk again as his right foot was almost amputated. He had to close his business which was his pride and joy as he is not able to work anymore."

"Even in a tight spot, she offered to help me out with the kids for free(of course, I wouldn't let her) Anyway, they're a thoughtful and beautiful family of four. I just think they would be thrilled if this opportunity came up for them."

"She had a difficult childhood, she got pregnant when she was 15, placed her baby for adoption without parental support, finished HS without parental support, bounced around for a few years before she figured out she needed to make her own way. She married a great guy a few years ago, she went to school to become a nurse, then had to fight cervical cancer, now is healthy, but they are struggling financially, living with his dad and grandma. AND they are expecting their first son in April!!"

"He is a special teenager with dyslexia who is turning 18 and graduating high school and who works very hard to overcome disability and became a Jr member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood at age 15."

"She is a single mom who was in a abusive marriage and is going though a nasty divorce where her x is still trying to control her and be little her.... She always helps others and never asks for anything back."

"She fell in love with my Christmas Card and said that she wanted to have something like that for her family."

It was just too hard to choose from the entries so I put all of the names in a bowl and had my 7 year old choose a name. Kortney Baker's name was chosen, and she and her 2 children will be photographed soon. Thank you so much everyone for your entries! I may be able to squeeze in a couple more this year if I have time. I'm looking forward to it!!

Keep being wonderful!   -Julie

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