Family Fun

Families are messy, crazy, chaotic, frustrating, full of drama and strife, but at the end of the day they love each other fiercely. My children whine, and constantly bicker with each other, but when my oldest went away to school they were all in tears. It’s a crazy dynamic where you all drive each other crazy, but you can’t live without each other.

Below are 5 different families, all in the same location. Each one was a set of different personalities and dynamics, but they all kept me smiling and laughing behind the camera.

Westlake Village Family Photographer
Westlake village family photographer
Ventura County family photographer
Westlake village photographer
outdoor family photographer in Westlake village
sports photographer Westlake village

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Explosions of Love

I’ve had the honor of photographing this family since their oldest was a newborn. I could have them in front of my camera everyday and not get sick of them. They are not afraid to be goofy, and play with their kids. Those smiles are genuine and full of love, and it makes me so happy to see them. It’s hard to choose my favorites, but those hugs with daddy, and the emotions on their faces just makes me love to be alive.

Thousand Oaks Family Photographer
Westlake village family photographer
Camarillo Family Photographer

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