At the Beach

What makes your heart sing? What gives you the most enjoyment in your job? For me it's family connections coming alive in front of the camera. Those connections are the most important in our lives. They are what keep us going to work everyday, and making the sacrifices that aren't always pleasant.

I'm not interested in photographing famous people with a whole team of stylists, hair and make up artists, and agents making them look good. I'm interested in the imperfect families with toddlers who have temper tantrums, teenagers with an attitude, dads who dress up just for their daughter's enjoyment, and moms who can't keep the house clean. Real life is beautiful in all it's imperfections. Every family is different and has problems. Family portraits aren't about the problems. They are about the connection because that's all that is important. I wish I could write about it like I feel in my heart.

This session is a good example of connections. The kids were so quick and active it was nearly impossible to keep them in one place long enough to get an in focus image. Their mom was so worried and unsure about the session, but I told her it's OK to just let them be themselves, and we'll follow.  When she saw the images she was blown away by how it really captured who they really are, and to moms that is priceless.

Julie Campbell